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Welcome to Our Small Iowa Beef Farm! 

We are John and Joanne Timm and our four children, Kaitlyn, Zach, Gavin, and Austin, Joanne's mom Jean, son-in-law Greg, and granddaughter Baylee. Married to each other since 1990 and committed to our small 4th generation farm in Northeast Iowa with its black soils, limestone bluffs, and raising beef. 

We practice sustainable farming by planting cover crops in the fall. Cover crops reduce water nitrate risks, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and reduce a farm's carbon footprint.  


Like the natural world that we live and work in, our farm is a dynamic and evolving business. It has been a dream of ours for many years to offer locally-raised beef for sale.  In December of 2019, we decided to take the plunge. After researching, we started setting up locker appointments to offer quarters of beef for sale. We offer beef for sale in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or whole portions. See Beef for Sale with information and drop-down tabs on How it Works, Orders and Dates, and TestimonialsWe raise excellent quality market beef. Our beef is fresh, high quality, Angus genetics, has no added water/additives, is locally raised, is ethically raised by people you know, fed the best nutrition with no preventative antibiotics. The final product finishes with prime cuts of beef.

We are taking it one step further and in September of 2021 we started offering an online beef store or buy directly from our freezers on our farm where people can buy steaks, ribeyes, roasts, ground beef, hamburgers, etc separately. For some, a quarter is too much and wanted to offer smaller options.

Thank you for visiting our website and coming back often!  We enjoy bringing the farm to you! We are a small generational farm with a passion to improve the land by sustaining the soil for the future, improve our water quality, offering excellent locally-raised beef, and living our lives to the most every day.

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