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Great Grandpa Johann's Barn



Johann Prull was my Great Grandpa who came to the United States of America in 1885 from Germany.  He worked on a farm for 7 years to get enough money ($1,000.00) to bring his family of 9 over to America.  In 1902 he went back to Germany and got them.  Two of his brothers operated a lumberyard in Langworthy, Iowa for many years and his brothers built this barn in the picture.  After renting for several years, Johann Prull bought a farm 6 miles north of Monticello, IA which is the farm we currently raise beef cattle, cow/calf operation, corn, and soybeans.  Our farm remains in the Prull Family lineage through Joanne (Prull) Timm.  Johann Prull is believed to be the first person to introduce Holstein dairy cattle to Iowa.

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