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"Buying Timm Family Cattle Locker Meat worked great! The roast was super tender.  The ground beef is good too." 


"We had T-bones and they are so much better than the grocery store.  They were awesome!!"


"We had Timm Family Cattle steak and it was delicious! Excellent flavor! We didn't have to put sauce on it."


"We enjoyed Timm Family Cattle ribeyes.  No meat leftover. Our dog is staring us down for some scraps.  No scraps."


"We have grilled some steaks and hamburger and everything tastes really good!  Thanks so much and glad we were able to get a quarter as the lockers are filled up!  Meat tastes great!


"We recently got a half of a beef from Timm Family Cattle.  The process was seamless and beef is great! It has been years since we have had a home raised beef and I realize how much I miss the great flavor!"


" We have had Timm Family Cattle meatloaf, hamburgers, and steak and we feel like we were eating cardboard before." 


"We Purchased a 1/2 steer from Timm Family Cattle and love the product! The steaks are lean with excellent taste and marbling! The ground beef is super lean but tasty. Tasting the juicy steak and burger makes me never want to purchase beef from the store! Very impressed! The steer nearly filled our chestnut freezer. This was much more beef than I thought we would get. I would highly recommend Timm Family Cattle if you are looking for reasonable priced beef. A great way to save money and know where your beef is coming from!"


"We got 1/2 beef and it tasted way better than the store, plus it's less expensive than the grocery store.  Great to know the meat was fed and raised with high standards!"


" Timm Family Cattle Beef is wonderful." 

~ Dennis 

" I had my family over Sunday for a cook out.  They all said best T-bone steaks they ever had." 

~ Connie 

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