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Corn Field Barn

Our Story

Timm Farm has been family-owned for over a century. Our farm is located in the limestone bluffs and black soil of North East Iowa.


Our fourth generation farm has been in the Prull family since 1899 when Joanne's Great Grandpa Johann Prull started farming.

John and Joanne have raised cattle for over 30 years. Our mama cows who have babies every year are all named and kept in the herd for years and are a part of our family. Some of the names are Jeannie, Bella, Queen, and Donna. Our cows graze on the green pasture next to our limestone bluffs. 


We plant cover crops such as Winter Rye and Triticale after the corn and beans are harvested to add organic matter to the soil and provide feed for our cows. Cover crops also prevent soil erosion and improve water quality. We apply manure to the soil to naturally add vitamins and minerals back into the ground.

We raise Black Angus beef on our farm to bring to market. For the first seven months, the cattle are fed grass and drink milk from their mamas. Once they are old enough, they are weaned and transitioned to a grass mixture that is ground up. Slowly they transition to a grass and corn mixture with vitamins and minerals. 


Our beef is fresh, high quality, has no added water or additives, is locally raised, humanely treated, and fed the best nutrition with minimal use of antibiotics. The final product finishes with prime cuts of beef.


Timm Farm is Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certified meaning we are a program that provides systematic information to U.S. beef producers on how good husbandry techniques can be coupled with accepted scientific knowledge to raise cattle under optimum management conditions. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, wholesome beef.


Timm Family


John and Joanne Timm

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